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This story is indeed tragic; however, it was completely avoidable, and emphasizes with a harsh reality the absolute need to create and have in place a valid, functioning estate plan, including a trust, will, power of attorney, and health care directive. The link to the entire story in the Boston Globe is below. I encourage you to read the entire story. Here are a copy of money quotes:

“Noel Aimes, who never learned to read and write, wanted the house to stay in the family, and in the 1990s proudly built additions to accommodate its growing numbers, Harrison said. But because he died two years after his wife and didn’t name a beneficiary, state law allows his blood relatives — specifically his nieces and nephews in Barbados — to claim the house over a stepchild.

Since you were not an heir-at-law, your appointment is in jeopardy of being set aside,” wrote Gayle Stone-Turesky, a Boston lawyer who was appointed by the state as a public administrator, who is brought in to handle estates where there is no will and no blood heir living in the state.”

If you don’t have an estate plan in place, or if you have one that needs updating, feel free to email me at anytime for a no cost, no obligation, in person consultation. You can reach me at guy@guymurraylaw.net. Tomorrow is promised to no one . . .


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