Effective 01/01/09, Assembly BillĀ  AB 3000, passed by the California Legislature, amended Probate Code sections 4780, 4782, 4783, 4784, and 4785 relating to health care decisions and life sustaining treatment. Nationwide, similar legislation is known as Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST), in states that have adopted similar measures. Continue Reading »

Estate Planning

Below are several links that discuss various aspects of estate planning. Please review them for further in depth information on the subject areas they highlight.

Do I need estate planning

Do I need a will

California Statutory Will

Do I need a living trust

Schiavo case and importance of a living will

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We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting Trust and Estate Administration Clients. What exactly is trust and estate administration? When a person dies, the process by which the estate is disbursed is called an administration. Every estate, whether large or small, whether the decedent left a will or a trust must have an administration. Whether it is a probate estate administration, or a trust administration depends on whether the decedent left a will, died intestate, or whether he or she had revocable trust in place at the time of death. Continue Reading »

Personal Injury

Guy Murray has extensive trial experience in personal injury and tort law, trying cases both for injured persons as well as defending individuals and companies sued for tort liability. Continue Reading »

This post will include two articles from the Los Angeles Times. The first article ran in the 8/14/05 edition. The title speaks volumes: Legal Urban Legends Hold Sway.

It starts with the story of the Winnebago owner who puts his RV on cruise control, fixes himself some coffee, then sues and wins after he is injured. It doesn’t matter to the insurance and drug industry, or the conservative movement that the story is false. It makes for good headlines, influences people, and furthers the cause of tort reform in the public eye. Compounding the problem is the fact that the news media perpetrates these legends, and the people believe what they read in the newspapers and hear on television. The article follows below: Continue Reading »

The second installment of the Los Angeles Times series on tort reform is entitled: Coverage of Big Awards for Plaintiffs Helps Distort View of Legal System. It starts by pointing out that big verdicts equal big news. Therefore, the media are quick to provide lavish coverage. Continue Reading »

Representative Clients

Since 1987, in addition to hundreds of individual clients, Guy has represented many institutional clients, including:

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